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Oct. 8 - Nov. 3

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The 2005
Halloween Festival
  October 7 to November 3

At Spotlight On's new home at

   80 Grove St.


212 352-3101

Plays and Musicals

Somebody Else's Life

by Jerry Rabushka
Directed by Greg Hunsaker
Ragged Blade Productions

You down with the blond, big boy?

Sometimes it's all about the hair. The blond head on the grocery bagger. The black 'stache on the cowboy. Sometimes it's enough to make you wish you could be someone else. Or at least, have somebody else's life. On one side is Chuck - the cowboy who's most likely never ridden a horse, but drat if he doesn't have the duds! On the other side, young Ryan bags groceries and pines for the love of his life - a new feeling at 16. In the middle? Politics and religion! What happens marriage loses its sanctity? Can a gay couple and a straight couple live next door to each other if there isn't enough sanctity to go around? Hilarious, yet chilling, full of surprises, and with as much fun as can be had with a pump organ, we invite you to spend a few moments living Somebody Else's Life.

Saturday 10/8 – 6pm
Sunday 10/9 – 2pm
Monday 10/10 – 8:30pm






Knife Assassin

by Alan Kanevsky
Directed by Mike Strozier and Scott R. Weigand
La Muse Venale, Inc. Acting Troupe

The knife assassin defines what it is like to live with a purpose and a mission in the 21st century, an era racked with political uncertainly.

Saturday 10/8 – 3:30pm
Wednesday 10/12 – 6pm
Thursday 10/13 – 8pm


The Mysteries of the Castle of the Monk of Falconara

a gothic comedy
by James Armstrong
Dir. Ken Kaisser

One the eve of All Hallow's, 1793, three authors of Gothic fiction come to the Castle of Falconara in response to a mysterious letter. As their host has warned them, each has a dark secret capable of destroying everything. Their secrets, however, are not what they think, and the writers end up battling the personal nightmares that haunt their fiction.

Friday 10/14 – 7pm
Saturday 10/15 – 5:30p
Wednesday 10/19 – 6pm


Apathy – the Gen X Musical in CONCERT

by Mickey Zetts
Directed by Paula D'alessandris

New York City – Mickey Zetts' entertaining and provocative musical APATHY first premiered in 1995 at the Florida Playwright's Theatre in Hollywood, Florida and was the longest running production in the history of that theatre. Just this past July, a revival of the show played to sold out houses during the 6th Annual Midtown International Theatre Festival here in NYC. Now the production has proudly joined the Spotlight On Halloween Festival at the Monster for a very special CONCERT presentation featuring members of both the original 1995 and the 2005 revival casts. It's the "HAIR" of the 90's that bit you. F*CK RENT!

Friday 10/21 – 4pm
Saturday 10/22 – 2:30p
Thursday 10/27 – 8p
Tuesday 11/1 – 5:30p





The Sisterhood

by Constance Clark
Dir. Daniel Haben Clark
Loop Ltd.

Before 'Desperate Housewives' there was 'THE SISTERHOOD'!

Constance Clark has reworked her award winning one act show into a full length work that draws upon her experience with some of the frustrated and thoroughly bitchy women she met in while out in Hollywood. Upon its original presentation it won a Christina Crawford (yes, the Christina Crawford of 'Mommy Dearest' fame) award for female playwrights. Come join these women poolside for a wild ride as they bitch, gossip and dish each other and Hollywood in general.

Friday 10/21 – 8pm


The Cobra Lady Strikes

by Todd Michaels
Dir. Neal Sims
Grayce Productions

"The Cobra Lady Strikes" is a spoof of 1940's movie serials. The diabolical Cobra Lady has secured the plans for a weapon of destructive power called The Dynamic Vibrator. With the aid of a mad scientist, she hopes to build the device to fullfill her dream of world conquest. Can a wisecracking girl newspaper reporter and a Broadway musical theater leading man stop the Cobra Lady in time? To Be Continued...

Monday 10/17 5:30p
Tuesday 10/18 8p
Friday 10/21 – 6pm
Monday 10/24 – 5:30pm
Tuesday 10/25 – 8p
Wednesday 10/26 – 5pm
Saturday 10/29 – 2pm


Variety Shows

La Contessa’s Halloween Variety Show

by Hector Lugo
The Gay and Lesbian Acting Company

Join La Contessa as she celebrates one of her favorite holidays!  She will have an array of “odd” guests and entertainers of dubious talent!  Don’t Miss the Puerto Rican Dame Edna! La Contessa  “the Puerto Rican Dame Edna,” (who is also known as Hector Lugo) returns in her wickedly funny variety show.  The Puerto Rican Diva grabs the spotlight and is joined by an array of special guest in what has become a must see Halloween tradition.  Not to be missed!

Friday 10/28 – 8p


Booooo! Threeee!

By The Mistake
Directed by Ken Scudder

The critically-acclaimed sketch comedy troupe returns to Spotlight-On with their third collection of original sketches about all things that celebrate All Hallow's Eve. What happens when Jesus freaks bother Dracula at home? Or when a would-be chainsaw massacre goes awry because the chainsaw runs out of juice? Not to mention what would happen if Edgar Allen Poe sang the blues? Longtime troupe members Ken Scudder, Jay Colligan, Carrie Janell, Sarah Engelke and Andrew Martin await you hungrily for this latest feast of spookily hilarious music and sketch comedy. http://www.meetthemistake.com for more group info

Saturday 10/8 – 8:30p
Tuesday 10/11 – 6p
Friday 10/14 – 8:30p
Sunday 10/16 – 2pm


Dressing Up is Hard to Do

By Robert Vest

Join Robert Vest, Spotlight On Theatre's Favorite Male Singer Award Winner of 2005, in his NYC Cabaret debut:  Dressing Up Is Hard To Do, a comical and heartfelt look into the childhood experiences of dressing up in costume, finding love, loosing love, finding life and holding on without a mask!  Singing songs from Musical Theatre and Film this dynamic tenor and comic is sure to speak to your heart!

Tuesday 10/18 – 5:30p
Saturday 10/22 – 7:30p


Vintage Halloween -Stories and Songs

by Grant Barrett and Eugene Nicks
Directed by Charles Catanese

Grant Barrett brings his spooky one-man show to fun-filled life in his retellings of E.A. Poe's, The Raven, Grimm Brothers', The Old Witch, 12 vintage Halloween songs from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, including, Ragtime Goblin Man and, Hell-bound Train and an obscure radio play by Friedrich Durrenmatt entitled, Evening Hour in Late Autumn, with a special guest appearance by Eugene Nicks. Everyone who attends will receive a Free Treat Bagfull of goodies and a Free Halloween CD filled with the show's songs. Don't forget the Halloween Horror Trivia Contest so, if you please, put on your witch's hat and join in the fun!

Thursday 10/20 – 8:30pm
Saturday 10/29 – 11:30am
Sunday 10/30 – 2:30pm


One Act Evenings

Unlikely Conversations

Directed by Steven Thornburg and Frank Calo

Helga Schmidt’s Pussy
by Edward Crosby Wells
What happens when an uptown cat meets a downtown one? 

Sisters of Little Mercy
by Edward Crosby Wells
Three nuns paying penance in a cabin in Little Mercy, Colorado might be “sitting” on a fortune!

Fairy Tales Can Come True
by Richard Lay
2 Men get their dream of a theater, or is it nightmare?

Sitting Across From God
by David Occhino
What would you ask God if you had the chance?

Saturday 10/8 – 1pm
Wednesday 10/12 – 8p
Thursday 10/13 – 6pm

A witch some music and a mystic T.V. at Spotlight On!

Mystic TV
by Mary Beth Shannahan
Directed by Geeta Citygirl

Paradise is not lost. Find it on MYSTIC. T.V....where wisdom, understanding, knowledge and fear of the Lord are. Tune into God. Tune into you. Carla Carmalot and Doug Forthright host a T.V. show designed to foster religious acceptance and awareness. Their guests are more about ego and agenda than religion. Tolerance is a big word in a small world, or a small word in a big world.

Broadway Baby
by Carol Hollenbeck
Everybody has a  dream and a young girl comes to new york city from a smalltown to search for her dream to work in the theatre.  The surprise comes into focus when we discover what her real dream is.

Shake Your Do Do Crack
by Marjorie Edwards, RN;
Director Carol Wilson-Mack, RN

One witch's struggle to break away from an eternal life cult in exchange for the mortal life of love, marriage and family. Will a festive night reveal her truth?

Tuesday 10/25 – 6pm
Wednesday 11/2 – 8pm
Thursday 11/3 – 6pm

Theatre of the Dead - Five-One Acts Inspired by Death

Directed by Justin Ambrosino

Sitting Across from God - Part 1
by David Occhino
A prisoner, who is waiting to be executed, is visited by God. The prisoner begs God to let him live a bit more.

The Birth and Death of an Artist at the End of the World
by Justin Ambrosino
A man who is an artist is also just a man. What if the artist and the man split, because the artist wanted to die, leaving the man to live a normal life like everyone else?

Death is Final
by Justin Ambrosino
A doctor and a mortician debate the doctor’s estranged relationship with his mother, coming from two different points of views on death and old age

Together for All Eternity
by Georgette Moger
Set during the 1950s, a woman is bored with her life and her husband. As her husband devotes himself to her for all eternity with a present, a coffin that they can share buried together spooning forever, she makes a fatal decision.

Sitting Across From God - Part 2
by David Occhino
A woman, who is mourning her Uncle’s passing due to cancer, is visited by God. She begs to have one more chance to talk to her loved one who passed away.

Tuesday 11/1 – 8pm

Staged Readings

Babies with Rabies

by Jonathan Calindas
Cuchipinoy Productions

What happens when an Off Off Broadway company decides to put on a play about asylum inmates putting on a play about a land plagued with rabid zombie babies? Pure pandemonium! "Utter chaos!" - Jonathan's Agent. "It's like 'Noises Off' on crack!" - Some theatre critic. Join us for a staged reading that'll leave you running for the hills!

Tuesday 10/11 – 7:30pm (staged reading and reception)


Alice On The Edge

by Andrew Rothkin
White Rabbit Theatre

How does a porcupine dance? What does a penis and a writing desk have in common? Why marry someone you have never loved?   Make the discoveries -- through "Alice on the Edge," Andrew Rothkin's surreal, spiritual journey that explodes from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass...and a potpourri of pop culture madness.   Don't miss out on the journey of a lifetime!

Saturday 10/15 – 7:30pm
Staged reading and reception (shots included!)


Requiem for Adrian Bayle

by Drew David Sotomayer
Directed by Jonathan Tessero

Requiem for Adrian Bayle tells the story of three friends who collaborate professionally (two composers and a singer) involved in a doomed love triangle. The story is told through the finished and unfinished songs of Adrian Bayle, Christian Hurley, and Anna Mathers. Their collective body of work as compiled by Drew David Sotomayor (who contributed new material as well) is the source material for this song-cycle in memoriam of Adrian Bayle, one of the greatest composers never known.

Wednesday 10/19 – 8pm
Musical Staged Reading and reception



by Glory Sims Bowen
FHB Productions

A retelling of the King Arthur story from the perspective of the women behind the throne. Journey with us to the mystical land of England in time full of romance, quests, sorceresses and magic.

Director - Glory Sims Bowen
Assistant Director - Amy Clarke
Choreographer - Hana Mori Taylor
Fight Choreographer - Ryan Bartruff
Sound Designer - Christopher Brooks

Monday 10/17 – 7:30pm
reception after staged reading


Stage Kiss

by Mike Koleman
Dir. Leecia Manning

Bobby, a comedian, falls hard for Natalie, an actress. But feeling as though she gives more of herself to her work than to him, the envious Bobby attempts to write his own play in which he hopes she will co-star with him. But when he catches her “rehearsing” a stage kiss for one of her other plays with her dashing co-star, he blows up and leaves her. Felling heart broken and jilted, he decides to put the play up without her and comedy, as they say, ensues…

Monday 10/24 – 7:30
reception after staged reading


Prince Trevor Amongst The Elephants

by Duncan Pflaster
Cross Eyed Bear Productions

When good King Kartoffelpuffen gives up his kingdom to his oldest son Tater and marries off his other children for peace (and for political gain), Prince Trevor, his youngest son, trades places with his manservant Grumbelino in order to escape his fate and find his true love, Toby the stable boy. Meanwhile, will Princess Lana find love with King Soignée of the Blind Sybarites, or will she continue pining for Geoffrey, her lost love? Will Grumbelino make friends with his new wife Queen Bluebella of Chryselephantinople and her harem of eunuchs, or will he foolishly poke his nose into the Forbidden Ballroom? Can anyone keep the new King Tater from starting a new war and destroying all their Kingdoms? Are the rumored Elephants of Style more than just a fable? Find out in Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants!

Wednesday 10/26 – 7:30p
reception after staged reading